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A true story about the power of a loving word

It was the last game of the season. My son was very young and just starting to learn how to play soccer. I was excitedly watching and cheering from the sidelines along with my wife and my Mom when all of a sudden, my son accidentally kicked the ball in the wrong direction. Unfortunately, the ball went in the wrong goal! He came off the field heartbroken and fell into my arms and cried. As I held him I gently said, "Everyone makes mistakes. The difference between everyone and a champion is that champions don't give up. A few minutes later he went back into the game and scored two goals for his team!!! 

I don't know if my son even remembers that game of many years ago but I sure do. I think about it when I make mistakes and feel like giving up. My Heavenly Father lovingly reminds me that I am forgiven and unconditionally loved and that He is always here to pick me up and help get back in the game. 

I don't know what your story is or whether or not you have or had a loving parent to hold you but I can promise you on the Word of God, that there is a Heavenly Father that loves YOU just the way you are right now and He wants tell you that every day. Pick up a copy of His love letters to you (the Bible) and discover his boundless Love for you.