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As Christian media pioneers, Rory & Wendy Alec broke new ground for the Kingdom of God in 1995 when they established the first daily faith-based TV network in Europe. Since then GOD TV has grown in leaps and bounds – now reaching the globe with a new breed of life-changing programming.  Today, almost half a billion people can tune in to GOD TV in the USA, UK, Europe, Scandinavia, Asia, Africa and Australasia – all regions where the network has set up offices to serve its increasing viewership. But, how did it all begin?

If one reads the Latin inscription at Broadcasting House in London, it seems the BBC was the world’s first Christian broadcaster. The prayer of its Governors in 1931 was “that good seed sown may bring forth a good harvest, that all things hostile to peace or purity may be banished... and that the people, inclining their ear to whatsoever things are honest and of good report, may tread the path of wisdom and uprightness?

Unfortunately, today’s public broadcasters have moved away from these ideals, providing little godly programming. The Lord has clearly had to raise up a new breed of broadcasters to reclaim the airwaves. Among them are Rory & Wendy Alec, who began to challenge broadcast restrictions in the early 1990s and as one correspondent predicted, have been used to “change the face of religious broadcasting”.

When the Lord called the Alecs to Christian TV, they were living in a small apartment near London with no money or corporate backing. But they had learned to dream big dreams for God and were passionate to break new ground for the Gospel. Then in 1994, they received confirmation of the Holy Spirit’s leading as Jonathan David prophesied that God was going to use them to birth a miraculous TV network which was going to reach the unreached and impact the Church.  “This work is going to go even to the Middle East... where others can’t go, you’ll go and the whole Church will turn,” he said.

With limited resources, but obedient to the call, Rory & Wendy started off from their kitchen table with one computer, one fax machine and one telephone.  Things soon became desperate and their telephone line was cut because they could not pay the bill. Rory even had to make his calls from a phone booth, with the traffic blaring in the background. Nevertheless, God’s plans could not be thwarted and after many challenges, a landmark contract was signed with Rupert Murdoch’s SKY television platform. The Christian Channel Europe was born, broadcasting three hours each morning and as Europe’s first daily Christian channel, it immediately challenged the monopoly commercial broadcasters had on the viewing public.

By a supernatural chain of events, the Christian Channel soon relocated to the Family Channel studios in Kent, England where it had the use of an office, edit suite and a hired camera. Despite this miraculous provision, finances rapidly diminished and the fledgling network was in desperate need. Thankfully, January 1996 saw a major breakthrough as a ‘Eurothon’ was hosted in America to raise funds for the establishment of Christian TV in Europe. Over $250,000 was pledged and the team back home breathed a sigh of relief as Rory & Wendy returned to Britain.

Meanwhile, there was intense media interest, and interviews with major UK TV channels followed. “What rival broadcasts fear most has finally arrived,” said one report, “A young couple believe God has chosen them to start a European Christian Channel... that the Lord has moved on the hearts of satellite controllers; regulators and charity commissioners to open a vast tap in the sky.”  Little did they know that God would do exactly that and on 24 April 1996, the Christian Channel Europe was dedicated in London. The time had come to take revival to Europe’s television screens for the first time in history.

In early 1997, Rory & Wendy felt the Lord was leading them to go north, and so the team arrived in the North East of England. The Lord provided 16,000 square feet of studios and the production team moved in. On 1 October 1997, the new face of GOD, the Christian Channel beamed out across Europe.

Right from the start GOD TV has had a revolutionary approach, breaking down religious barriers and political correctness. A vast billboard campaign was instituted across London with the GOD logo making an impact on 200 buses and 300 billboards. ‘Breakfast with God’ and ‘God is on our side’ were some of the slogans. The ministry continued to flourish with the launch of its own digital satellite receiver, ‘the GOD box,’ which enabled believers to access a wide range of free to air channels. More and more people in Europe were watching, but the Lord was by no means finished...

In January 2002, Rory & Wendy made the dramatic announcement that GOD TV was to move its broadcast headquarters to Israel, where as a fulfillment of prophecy, God’s Word would be broadcast from Jerusalem to the ends of the earth. Since then the world has literally opened up to GOD TV, which now broadcasts on a multi-satellite platform reaching almost half a billion people, in more than 200 nations and territories.

Each day, 24-hours-a-day, several separate GOD TV channels covering the USA, UK; Europe; Africa; Asia; Greater China, Australia; and the Internet are beamed up from Jerusalem taking life-changing programming into homes throughout the world. And, the ongoing response is phenomenal as letters and e-mails regularly flood in from the four corners of the earth. “God has faithfully brought about all that He promised...” says Rory Alec, “and despite the initial cynicism of the commercial media, GOD TV has grown from strength to strength and is now making a global impact. The Lord told us that if we took His Channel to Jerusalem then He would take it to the ends of the earth, and every day we see more evidence of this.”

Today Rory & Wendy are known all over the world and continue to impact the media with an apostolic anointing. Their fledgling Christian Channel Europe has come of age – and now known as the global Christian broadcaster, GOD TV – continues to increase, bringing creative evangelism and prophetic instruction to the nations.

On 31 May, 2002 GOD TV was launched into Africa and Asia and increased distribution opportunities have opened up ever since. The GOD TV signal can be picked up via satellite across Africa and the network has a vision for terrestrial transmission across this vast continent. Three broadcast towers are already operational in Kenya, and the ministry plans to build a transmitter in every African capital.

In India, GOD TV has made major inroads through cable distribution and presently reaches more than 15 million cable homes covering 200 cities and towns. Many cable operators in the neighboring Kingdom of Nepal also carry the GOD TV’s signal to homes across this Buddhist nation. In recent years GOD TV has also expanded to Sri Lanka, and to Pakistan where it has three million cable homes.

Following the fall of Saddam Hussein in 2003, GOD TV was one of the first Christian broadcasters to become available in Iraq and is now available throughout the Middle East, where its programming can viewed via satellite in nations such as Iran, Syria, Jordan, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

In 2004 the gateway to China began to open to GOD TV, as it become the first Western Christian broadcaster in Hong Kong reaching two million viewers on HK Cable. Since then GOD TV has launched on the ‘now’ IPTV platform as well as on Macau Cable, and in one of the greatest breakthrough’s in the network’s history, GOD TV Greater China has since taken to the air, reaching Mainland China, Vietnam, Korea, the Philippines and Japan.

In 2005 GOD TV began broadcasting in Australasia, reaching across Australia and New Zealand. Then, in 2006, after years of planning, the network finally launched in the USA. This was a major breakthrough as GOD TV USA took to the air on America’s largest satellite platform, DIRECTV, reaching 17 million homes. Since then, the response has been overwhelming as American viewers have embraced GOD TV as a fresh alternative to traditional Christian broadcasting – and making way for further exciting distribution breakthroughs in the future.

The GOD TV story continues to develop day by day, as Rory & Wendy Alec break further ground – producing more and more cutting-edge programming, much of it LIVE – and taking advantage of new distribution opportunities opening up all the time.  Year after year, by God’s grace and miraculous provision, GOD TV forges ahead to fulfill its divine mandate to reach ONE BILLION SOULS. And this is just the beginning… there is much more to come!

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